Be NOT Afraid to Pause

Dear Empress, 

I wanted to let you know that even when you experience increased mental and emotional strain, I am rooting for you.

That night when you sat, for 12 hours straight, eyes locked on the computer screen with a slight arch in your back, I was rooting for you. I was rooting for your resilient spirit to emerge. Your joy to resurface.

You sacrificed time. Time that you normally dedicated to the duties, that only a single mother would understand. That night, you typed furiously to turn in an assignment before the deadline. In 5- 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 hour. STOP!

Take a Breath

Your internal struggles are not visible to others, and so I want to let you know that in those moments you can take a breath. Acknowledge that things have been more challenging in the past and, today, you will be okay.

You CAN look up and away from the computer screen to give your beautiful brown eyes a rest. You CAN look up and away and stand, raise your hands to the ceiling, and stretch upward then outward. You CAN look up and away, walk to the kitchen, and prepare something to replenish your body. You are deserving . . . after sitting – back arched – for five-plus hours, you are deserving of a break.

Nothing is Okay if You are Not!

Empress, while you and I both know that to be a perfectionist is toxic, We embrace that trait – reluctantly. We do not accept less, and we refuse to be mediocre.

However, the point is: it is okay not to push ahead, when your entire physical being is screaming for you to STOP. The world will not end. In fact, the world will continue. The sun will still rise in the morning.

Let me elaborate love, you have put off working out, eating well, and resting because you want to ensure that you submit a well-written assignment. You must get that A+, you must demonstarte to the world that you are okay when the reality is, YOU ARE NOT.

Yes, a low grade on an assignment is not a life or death situation. Own the fact that as an adult learner, your professors know that life happens – they are human too

Take a break – it is okay. Your excellence does not change because you have the self-awareness to know when your cup runneth over.

You are forever capable and worthy of self-care despite the never ending deadlines. Your sanity matters ALWAYS! So, step away, take a break.

– Regal  

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