Ode to Self

1st self-reflection exercise. List the ways that you would like to be loved. At first I was a bit terrified to do this exercise. But after many “bad” relationships including a failed marriage as a result of domestic violence. I realized that identifying how you would like to be loved is one step that may very well deter us from accepting behaviors that are not conducive to our growth.

You can create a list. Or, if you are a creative Shero, go ahead . . . write a song, draw, create a poem, lay down sixteen bars or whatever that moves you. Here is my Ode To Self ecstatically entitled “Her.”


If her body was a poem
I would admire its contours,
taking care to analyze where
I’d place commons, periods, semi-colons
hyphens, parentheses, and
ellipses --- oh, there would be no place for that

if her body was a poem there’d be
nothing I would omit.
I would allow my words to shower her with
undying affection,
and inspiration.

If her body was a poem I would allow my adjectives...
Beautiful, strong, intelligent,
independent, industrious,
caring, jovial,
bodacious, victorious....
to clothe her, this way and that.
I would allow my verbs to caress her silhouette
allowing her to feel the vibrations of flowetry.

Hmmm, if her body was a poem I’d tantalize
her senses with
the words I speak, the wisdom I seek and
the insatiability of a freak.

If her body was a poem I'd take time
to know her, read her....
love her until the end of time
even when her body is no longer a poem
but just a reflection of mine.

by © KD Hughes #regalprowess

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