“I won’t apologize for being exquisite” — Stephanie Lahart

What is “womanhood?” How do we embrace who we are – unapologetically? How do we “lean in” and conquer our fears? How do we continue to lift each other up? Welcome to the blog space created for the Modern-day Shero. Yes, Sheroes exist. We are in every part of this world, experiencing many different challenges and overcoming some at the moment. But the most beautiful thing about YOU, US, is that we will NOT apologize for being exquisite, brilliant, industrious and fierce.

We inspire women of color who are on their personal journey to self-actualization. In an ever changing world, personal development is essential in helping us to stay grounded while we achieve all that we are meant to achieve. As a divorce mother of three, a Caribbean born American, and an Ivy league graduate I continue to evolve as a woman, mom, teacher, friend, partner, daughter, and leader. The great news is that evolution never stops and I hope you will subscribe to be a part of this journey!

Together we will engage in self-reflection, deep thinking, and discourse that will continue to illuminate our She-Powers, our awesomeness, and the characteristics within us that identify us as Modern-day Sheroes.

I am Regal Prowess . . . .

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